There are several apps for easy download for music enthusiast to listen to their favorite music and even those that they have never heard of. With competition in music apps reaching new heights there is plethora of great music apps to choose from. It also means that there are both excellent, medium and bad music apps the world over. It is difficult to choose as to which is best if you have no idea about it and most people download one of the apps as suggested by their friends or colleagues. This may do well enough if you love and share similar experiences in music yet this may not be a good idea if you wish to have app that is suitable to your tastes and preferences.

In order to make your choice a few top and best performing music apps have been listed below so that you may choose from one or more for downloading on to your PC or Android or other mobile platforms. Most music apps have a free version as well as paid premium version and you are at liberty to choose whichever you want.

Google Play Music

This is world’s most downloaded music apps and is considered among the top of music streaming apps. It has millions of songs for any person who loves to hear music. Again, it has one more privilege for its customers and that is it also allows you to upload 50,000 of your own tracks on to its service. This you may customize so as to keep your preference of listening the way you want.

You will surely find great features in the form of playlist, music stations, YouTube Premium and so on.

Apple Music

It appeared around 2015 but has since sailed swiftly on to the top slots of best music apps of the world. Some say that it is actually on the very top among competitors. It has around 30 million songs for you to listen and its features are also among the very best in the world. It includes playlists, play stations and so on. But above all it has a 24 X 7 live radio and you have the liberty to upload your own music too into the service.

Some of the unique features are that with Apple Music you may follow your favorite artists, singers and get to know their latest appearances and plans.

If you wish to download then you may take into consideration their different plans. These are monthly plans for individuals, monthly student’s plan which is quite rightly a cheaper one and then a monthly family plan for up to 6 members. It has the ability to stream music even at places where competitors have not been able to make their presence felt.


It is a high quality music streaming service and has an astonishing 43 million songs with presence in more countries than with other competitors. In this it beats even the top five music apps yet some music lovers may find it having some problems. Among the highlights is that it has Hi-Fi streaming option besides the usual playlists, music stations and other features. It however aims at only high quality stuff and doesn’t try to make itself cheap.

It has a unique sound track feature known as Flow which gives you instant gratification listening to your favorite music.


Spotify music app is very popular with music lovers both young and old. It is usually quite recognizable and has the ability to stream music that gives you fantastic experience. Although other apps may look better with million more songs in their store, Spotify gives you music listening experience like nothing else.

Reviews place it only in second place to Google Music and YouTube combined yet Spotify can be best for real music as it is available on most platforms the world over. If you decide on its free version then it would remain the best beating all other competitors. It does better in both video and audio content and sticks to high quality performance all the time. With other apps there may be areas of strength and weaknesses, but for Spotify there is no let down in an overall great standard.


It too is very popular due to its great service to music lovers the world over. It is similar to Spotify and Apple and is among the top apps. You have basically two experiences from Pandora and one is radio station service only while the other is on-demand music service. You may download them as it too has all the general features.


SoundCloud is equally popular among young and old and offers great music streaming service. You have the liberty to upload your own tracks into SoundCloud service too. It is said that SoundCloud has the largest collection of music and is next only to Google Music plus YouTube combination. You get to discover great indie stuffs here. It also has other features similar to all top music apps.